Now with FASTER SPEEDS for the same price!

1 Mbps- $34.95

Great for email and light web browsing.

3 Mbps- $54.95

Stream videos in standard definition

5 Mbps- $74.95

Stream videos in high definition

10 Mbps- $104.95

Stream multiple high definition videos

How it Works

Genesis Wireless use radio frequency to transmit high speed internet signal from a broadcast tower to the customer site. Anyone interested in high speed internet service is welcomed to call our office to have their address mapped out. We look at distance, elevation levels, and tree coverage to determine whether the address is serviceable. The customer's site needs two basic things to connect to our high speed internet network: a radio/antenna and Ethernet cable.



A Genesis field technician will first perform a signal test. If the signal strength meets our requirements, our technician will install up to a 10 foot mast inserted into a 3 foot tripod on the rooftop. The radio unit is then attached to the mast. We provide up to 75 feet of outdoor shielded Ethernet cabling and up to 75 feet of copper grounding. Ethernet cable and ground wire exceeding 75ft will be billed at $0.59/ft and $0.25/ft, respectively. There are no charges if we cannot receive a signal that meets our requirements.

Equipment Lease

$9.95 per Month

The radio equipment is owned by Genesis and comes with a 100 % replacement coverage for any manufacturer defects*. The equipment lease also covers any potential service call fees related to equipment failing due to hardware failure. *A minimum service call fee of $50 will be applied to damage caused by negligence.